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There are lots popular watch brands in the world. Timex, Casio, Seiko, Fossil, Michael Kors, Rolex….etc are just some of them. Our efforts have been successful in bringing most of such watch brands to one place here at And we hope to bring about more watch brands in the near future also.

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Best Watch Brands of 2015


Started in 1854, Timex is one of the largest watchmakers in the world. It is a privately help company based in Middlebury. They produce wrist watches under several popular brands such as Timex Irnoman, Timex Expediction, Nautica, Opex and Guess. They sell millions of watches every year and have numerous happy customers worldwide. 


Being founded by Kintaro Hattori in 1892, became the first company in Japan to produce wristwatches. They have won all the chronometer competitions in Japan in 1950 and won European competitions which brought them international acclaim. Seiko became the official timekeeper for Tokyo Olympics in 1964. They produce several well popular brands such as Seiko 5,  Grand Seiko, Prospex, Premier and Galante.


Stareted in 1930, Citizen was the first one to produce the world’s thinnest watch in 1962. Not only that, they have been the pioneers of several other records like, worlds smallest ladies watch in 1963, first domestic electronic watch in 1966, first quartz watch accurate within 3 secnds per year in 1976. Like this, Citizen is a leader in the world watch industry from then to now.


Being a electronics company started in 1946 in Tokyo, Casio is a leading electronics manufacturing company in the world. The produce several sub brands like famous G-shock series, Oceanus and several other sports series like Pro Trek and Pathfinder. Edifice and Baby G are other sub brands of Casio. In addition to watches they also manufacture calculators, musical instruments and Digital cameras.


Bulova was started in 1875 by a inventor called Joseph Bulova and now its a subsidiary of Citizen company. But Bulova runs independently from Citizen as a separate company. In 1919, Bulova started their first series of men’s watches. The iconic visual style made it become quickly popular among Amricans at that time. Currently Bulova designs several brands like, Signature series. Caravelle New York, marine Star, Precisionist and Accutron.


Started in the ninteenth centuty; 1853 has a long histoty in watch making. It is a famous Swiss brand in the world for the production of high quality wirst watches. Currently Tissot is a member of the Satch Group which is the world’s largest watch producer and distributor. Tissot watches are high tech products coming in special materials and advanced functionality. Tissot is the creator of several  inovative models in the world such as Navigator, Astrolon, Woodwatch and T-Touch Solar Watch.

we have told you earlier, we have reviewed many watches here at our website. If you are interested in reading some of those reviews we welcome you to read the following popular watch review articles.

Where To Buy A Good Watch

With the advance of the technology we see that many watch manufacturers open up their own retail websites and authorize various dealers to have stores to sell watches online. Since these watch stores are fully authorized to sell those products, those can be known as the safest places to buy watches online. Since the watches you buy from reliable online marketplaces come with full warranties (with or without free shipping) you are safe in almost all the occasions.

It’s advisable for you to check the availability from those marketplaces whenever possible before buying a watch online.
If you search in google for the places to buy watches online, you will end up with so many options. But we can suggest Amazon and Ebay as two very reliable sources to buy watches online. Amazon is a good place for brand new and used watches while you can find rare, and unique watches mostly on Ebay.

How To Choose A Good Watch

This is a matter which depends mainly on your budget, preference and the necessity. If you have only a few hundred dollars to spend for a watch, then a modern, stylish design from a brand like Casio or Citizen is a good choice.

You can also find an Automatic watch for lower price ranges as well. You can try Akribos XXIV Men’s AKR446SS Bravura Saturnos Elite Stainless Steel Automatic Watch as a full automatic watch. Being highly durable, and stylish design (with the rear see through window), makes it a lot worthier than its real price. Japanese companies like, Citizen and Seiko both manufacture automatic watches for comparatively low price ranges.

You can check our list of the Best Watches Under $100 and Best Watches Under $500.  If you can move up a bit in the price scale, Bulova and Stuhrling make beautiful mechanical watches which have a very unique design. If you are even more lucky to spend a few thousand dollars for a watch you can probably go for higher end brands like Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer. You can either buy pre-owned classic watches as well as the brand new models from worlds finest watch brands through online stores.

Complications - Its no doubt that you should have seen some tiny extra subdials on a watch face? These are called complications. In addition to showing the time, these subdials also have specific functions. Those could be chronographs (in other words we call it stopwatch), tachymeters, dual time zones, altimeters, moon phase indicators and also the tide wave indicators. Do you think we would really need those complications in an era where everything is possible with smartphones. An app or two installed in your phone can perform all these things. But that’s not the point right?

Size - We have different sizes of wrist. That’s a personal matter. Same way, watches too don’t have one specific size. One watch model can be different from others. Certain timepieces come in larger cases as those used in aviation work. With the larger display, the time can be read easily and clearly. Most watches have a diameter of between 35-46mm. If you have a smaller wrist, a case of about 34-40mm will work better for you. But if you have a bigger wrist like a red wood tree, you can go for models upto 50mm in diameter. Its not only the diameter that affects a watch’s size. The thickness also should be counted. Watches under 10mm thickness fit easily under shirt sleeve cuffs, while the ones over 15mm are harder in that case.

Watch Straps - This is what binds the watch to your wrist and one of the most important item in a watch. Watch straps come in various finishing such as leather, canvas, metal, rubber or plastic. Sometimes they come in combinations. Watch straps also work as a fashion item; as some people call them bracelet of a watch. Certain metal watches come plated with gold while some expensive and luxurious watches come built in precious metals.

Watch straps can be secured to the wrist by a buckle or a clasp. Some watch straps can be expanded elastically by the use of metal springs. Since watch straps are highly standardized, worn watch straps can easily be replaced by new ones or swapped with fashionable ones.

There are occasions where metal and certain plastic watch straps cause skin problems like dermatitis (only for some people). For such individuals, there are NATO watch straps which cover the skin and prevent exposure to metal parts.
In diving watches there are special features in watch straps to prevent the strap being sliding off the wrist. That happens when the increasing water pressure shrinks the size of the wrist.

Accuracy - Quartz watches are considered to be the most accurate watches in the world. Even the best automatic watches, watches in the world can lose or gain about 30 seconds in a week. But if you are looking for a very accurate mechanical watch, you can go for one which is certified as a chronometer. These watches are rare, and also priced so expensive.

Conclusion - After reading the above, you must be having a good idea of what makes a good watch and why certain watches have higher price tags. As I have already told you, buying a watch depends on your preference, your budget and as well as your necessity. Some people collect watches as a hobby while some use the same watch for years continuously. That depends from person to person. You can use this entire site to search for various watch articles and decide what to buy.

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